What is
Social Engineering?
Virus Worries
Habits, lingo, and behaviour patterns are all used against us when a black-hat hacker or "cracker" is attempting to get into things and places that they have no right to access. Be wary of people on the phone whose voice you don't recognize but they seem well versed in your companies terminology. Don't click on files with a SCR, PIF, EXE, COM, or BAS file extension. Windows users can protect themselves better if they make sure that the Windows Explorer has file-extensions for known file types turned on.
As much as we might hate to admit it, the thought of being a winner and getting something for free appeals to all of us. Don't click on anything which pops up in your web browser claiming that you've just won something, the only thing you might have won is the privilage of making your PC a "SPAM ZOMBIE", or perhaps a tool to be used in a large network of other PCs which can be used by criminal elements to orchistrate a Denial OF Service (DOS) attack on a commercial website, all in an effort to extort money from the company who owns it... someday it could be you.
Avoid being the victim of social engineering

The weakest part of any secure system is the human element. Don't let your habits make you vulnerable, question everything and if it just doesn't feel right then speak up and sound the alarm.